Our Mission

To create something unique and delicious that is suited for anyone or any occasion

Eat Your Feelings today!

Below are menu items available for purchase daily at The Waterfront in Orlando ( while supplies last )

Cupcakin’ It

Its what we do!


Baking is an art form. It’s something that takes focus and precision to execute, but with a playful imagination there’s no limit to what you can create. My baking journey started in grandmas kitchen at 3 years old. Watching this beautiful little lady bake extravagant cookies at Christmas or numerous pies for one gathering was simply magical. The smells that stick with you, the smiles and excitement on everyone’s face when they get a treat. These are the fondest memories from my childhood! All the great feelings that come with baking and eating amazing cupcakes, cheesecakes, pies, cookies and other amazing desserts. It is a feeling that I intend to share. My inspiration is to take all of these desserts and flavors and implement them into an individual sized treat; cupcakes. Eat Your Feelings Bakery LLC opened August 2022 with a display in a local Orlando restaurant The Waterfront. Our menu is available there for purchase daily, or you may contact us about custom order requests.


Tip from the baker


Our cupcakes must be kept refrigerated, so to enjoy EYF cupcakes at their best leave them out for 15-20 minutes. Worth the wait!!!